Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So I Turned 30 Yesterday...

I spent the day with my parents as they are responsible for this whole mess!

Could they not have foreseen the complete misery I would feel when the day came that I would move from the footloose and fancy free 20s and be dragged (kicking and screaming mind you) into the 30s...

I'm really sorry if I am insulting any of my gorgeous readers, but hey, I will be your age too someday, so I will deal with annoying young 30 year old complainers when I get there!

Actually, kind people have promised me a great decade of 30s... apparently they're better than the 20s... well if so... then bring it on!

So anyway, we cruised past the house I was born in 30 years before. I was born on Nirvana Ave none the less! No. 66 though... so I feel as though I was born between heaven and hell! It is also a beautiful house in a gorgeous suburb, East Malvern. Why my parents ever decided to leave that beautiful place I will also never understand... But that is another issue!

So what do us women do when we are down? Well, we decided to be a bit cliché & drown our sorrows and celebrate the day with chocolate... Not any ordinary chocolate mind you... Coco Loco chocolate!

In Northcote, Melbourne, there is a man named Khaled Sherbini, who is the classic man of men... How is this so, you may ask? He makes chocolate for a living!
Khaled has a family secret recipe that was passed down to him from his grandfather, Mostafa Sherbini.
Mostafa was a world Champion Ballroom Dancer in the 20s, a renowned chocolatier in Berlin during the 30s and even earned the Medal of Honour from his home country, Egypt, for Hospitality in 1969!
Today, the Coco Loco legacy can be appreciated right here in Melbourne, Australia! Khaled uses the same Fair Trade, Certified Organic Cocoa Butter that I use in my lip balms, so I can vouch for the high quality ingredients, where integrity has been chosen over profits!

And just like my Nilla Nilla Pout Balms, his products are gluten, preservative, dairy free!
So if you're needing to drown your sorrows in a rich, creamy and delicious world of chocolate, do head over to Coco Loco - the 1st Certified Organic & Fair Trade Chocolate Bar on the planet, right here at 219 High St, Northcote!



  1. Happy birthday :) And congratulations! I am nominating you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! There are a few strings attached, but its fun and is a great way of interacting with your fellow bloggers!
    Nominee Rules: • Thank the person who nominated you for the award • Copy the logo and place it on your blog • Link to the person who nominated you for this award • List seven things about yourself that people might find interesting • Nominate and post links to the Kreativ Bloggers you nominate • Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

  2. Happy belated birthday, that first photo is soooo cute! (it's you right?)

  3. Thanks Trishiekoh! Yep that's me... I remember that day too... My dad used to wheel me around the empty block next door - I thought it was great!

  4. Great pictures, u Are really cute on that first pic!

    Happy belated birthday and love the old pictures.

  5. hey and happy belated birthday! that is so funny you wrote about khaled! my mum is good friends with him, he used to live here in byron... smalll world... and yes his coco loco is AMAZING!! x Elke


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