Monday, July 20, 2009

Kalliopi - An Architect's Perspective

So very cool! Curious Oyster Shoppe is now stocking these handmade guitar pick and rhythm treble brooches...

I love the approach Kalliopi has taken to craft, it is truly unique and very clever...

Running her own small one-woman architecture firm and an active pro bono co-ordinator for "Architects for Peace", one wonders how Kalliopi finds the time!

So a little Q&A for this week's star artisan...

Q. How long have you been selling guitar brooches?
A. I've been selling my brooches for just over a year now.

Q. How did you come up with the unique idea to use guitar picks and rhythm trebles?
A. My boyfriend is a guitarist and a Luthier, a person who builds guitars. (He) also runs a business repairing guitars. I had been making the guitar pick brooches for a while and then about a year ago I asked him to give me something from his workshop to turn into a brooch. He gave me a toggle switch, the rhythm treble things, and I turned it into a brooch. That's how I started and now I 400 of these to play with!

Melbourne girl, Kalliopi wears a brooch nearly every day and is a big collector of little things. She collects new and vintage buttons, beads, pre-loved jewellery, guitar picks and other guitar parts.

Everything is reused, recycled and reinvented. Each piece is as unique as possible.

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