Sunday, July 19, 2009

Feeling the Lovin'

What a lovely award to receive! Looks very cute too...

Thank you so much to blogwriter , Trishiekoh for this wonderful compliment... Under Lock and Key is an excellent blog so I definitely recommend a click over!

So I pass this award on to the following blogs that I adore to say the least... These blogs, like the award, are not just beautiful to look at but inspire me on a daily basis.

The imagery used in each of these, are just what I need at the start of the week to get my creativity flowing...

Sorry... They're all No.1!


  1. Your a total sweetheart Annaliese, thank you SO much for including me in your list. Very honoured indeed!xxoo and it's pretty too.

  2. Thank you Annaliese! My blog is not a patch on yours, so I'm very honoured too.

  3. Hi Annaliese!

    Hope you managed to catch the award left for you at end of previous post. Congratulations on yr current one too!

    With all these awrds, no doubty you’ll be relieved to read you’re not the latest “tagging” victim in Lola’s latest post! (Or at least not when I last checked...!!)

    Have a wonderful day & see you again soon!

    xxxLOL Nora:) (PA)

    pp Lola

  4. Aw,you're so sweet! Thank you, dear! X

  5. Thanks hunny! so sweet of's such a cute award!

  6. Thanks SO very much for this! I can't tell you how pleased we are at Leeloo Dog Blog! This is our very first award!


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