Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beguiling... Be Joolz

Oh my...

The Queen of Hearts is residing in the Curious Oyster Shoppe along with others from her pack.
This stunning handmade necklace is the work of Melbourne based designer, Airdrie of Joolz.

Airdrie has been designing & making jewelry since childhood and likens it to breathing - its something she simply has to do!

Joolz collection, 3rd Times the Charm elegant, vintage inspired and of course, ever so charming... Her eco-chic collection is created using recycled materials including vintage playing cards, old kid's toys and recycled umbrella silk!

And she makes rings too! Check these dears out... All in store now so pop in and try on a bit of charm ; )

And just for a touch more glam for this Friday afternoon, watch the photo shoot in action in this beautifully shot video... It will bring you back to a time of sheer elegance I promise!


  1. That's just beautiful, how clever is she.


  2. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for being my first non friend follower! I was so exicted. Each time I got a new follower my partner asked who it was and said "oh just so and so" and he said I can't include them as they are a friend. So I can finally tell him I have a new follower.
    I absolutely love your blog! Very interesting and entertaining. I think I will be def putting in an order for some lip balm, the tins/cases are just too cute!
    hope all goes well for you and your boutique!
    pip xx

  3. Oooh my pleasure!! Thank you for your gorgeous comment pip... it has made my day!

    Hoorah to you and your new blog : )


  4. Thanks so much for joining our blog! I really like the necklaces...they look like they'd look really cool being worn...and who can resist pearls?

  5. I'm in love with the butterfly necklace with the black beads and the 5 of clubs. Soo adorable.

  6. Had a meeting in St Kilda today and wanted to pop in but you were closed. Your shop looks gorgeous through the window. Hope you had a great day off. Kate (Daylesford Organics)

  7. Wow, what gorgeous jewellery. Love that 20's vibe..


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