Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Go Suck on a Lemon...

Ok... that might sound a bit mean! Actually, it looks as though I'm going to because I am now the proud owner of the "Lemon Stand Award"! YAY!

Thank you, to Nora for bestowing this award on me - Nora is perhaps one of the luckiest ladies I know, because not only has she a brilliant mind for writing, but also resides in Andalusia, Spain! My heaven on earth... Check out her blog at The Johnson Diaries - Life on the Edge

Passing on the award is always fun, cos I get to spend hours sifting through all the lovely blogs I follow and catch up on what everyone is up to...

The Lemon Stand Award goes to... drumroll...


1. Toothfairy Notes

1. Amy Eating Apples

1. Dorothy and Evelyn

1. Meet Me At Mikes

1. Vintage Verve

1. Funky Fabrics

1. Paulo Coelho's Blog

1. I like You

1. Joolz

1. Mix Tape

Once again, the pressure to rank was to high... All #1 to me!


  1. Dear Annaliese!

    Congrats on yr so well-deserved award (and thanks too for the kind words above)!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday (or, more probably, Wednesday?!)

    PS Managed to catch this lovely post despite the time differences imposed by all our different time zones!
    PPS Am a Leo too!


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