Thursday, August 27, 2009

For the past 6 months now, I have been busy with my new shoppe Curious Oyster... Supporting Australian indie artisans and crafters in the shoppe has been extremely rewarding and I am excited to report, very successfully!

Some of you may not live in Melbourne, or even Australia, so a trip down to St Kilda may not be entirely convenient... but never fear, Curious Oyster is now available to you in the form of the eShoppe!

So pop on in and take a look at what the clever Melbourne and Australian kiddies are up to!

Walt Disney: Alice in Wonderland - The Story of the Curious Oysters

Monday, August 17, 2009

Slime & Snails... Puppy Dog Tails!

We have a very cute, as well as very practical range of doggy collars for your fur baby!

Handmade in Queensland by Lovebird Animal Art, these hardy collars are fitted with an easy snap-shut clip and industrial weave webbing for durability. Each is adorned with gorgeous vintage fabric cuts and ribbon, from such sources as ties and scarves!

Available in 4 sizes:
1 - $20 (19mm wide, roughly 30-40cms)
2 - $22 (19mm wide, roughly 35-50cms)
3 - $24 (24mm wide, roughly 35-50cms)
4 - $28 (38mm wide, roughly 40-60cms)

So I've asked the lady behind the collars to introduce herself to you...

About me and how it all began:

After my first son was born in 2007, I decided that being stuck in an office from 9-5 wasn't me, so I used my time at home to experiment on the sewing machine. For years I have been collecting interesting pieces of fabric, scarves and even ties with the idea that I would use them....someday...for something. I picked up a scrap of black and white paisley satin (that in a former life was a scarf) and decided that it would suit my pug. A lot. So after a bit of trial and error, LoveBird Collars was born.

The idea was to create collars that are a little different from the norm and to also provide an alternative for those who would like to dress up their pooches, but may not be in the right climate or cannot find apparel to fit. The designs are bright, funky and just a little bit different to make your pooch stand out from the crowd at the dog park. I only pick up small amounts of each fabric design, so you can guarantee your dog will be wearing something unique.

My first son is now just over two and we decided to add another, who was born in February this year. I have barely moved away from the sewing machine since then and hope to continue doing what I love for a long time to come.

Available now at the Curious Oyster Shoppe!