Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Melbourne Indie Crafters & Artisans... Read On!

Curious Oyster is the name of a boutique in St Kilda. Sharing the premises with Vintage House, Dorothy and Evelyn, this small boutique is a collection of all things handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

Being an organic bath and beauty crafter, I've always been on the lookout to how I could best display my range and get my name out there. Now that I have a little store, I would like to offer Melbournian Crafters and Artisans the same opportunity!

Every two months I am going to select an artisan/crafter from each major category and invite them to display there wares in a cube space. There will be 8 cubes (37.5 x 37.5 x 30) in total.

Mail outs will be sent upon each turn around to advertise the current gallery offerings. A reminder email will also be sent in the middle of the gallery period. Twitter and Facebook updates will be posted throughout the period as well.

In addition, all the products displayed will be listed on the Curious Oyster Online store.

You are completely in control of how you want to display your goods within the cube space and you will be provided with sales data every fortnight so you will know how it's all going. It is a win win for both parties as we'll slice it down the middle!

If you would like to register yourself as a Melbourne Artisan, please fill out your information below or go to http://www.curiousoyster.com.au and go to the 'Sign Up' page. Alternatively email Annaliese directly at melbourneartisans@curiousoyster.com.au

Please note: Understandably, we need to select products that suit the store layout, image and Curious Oyster's core values - For this reason we may not be able to choose your work, no matter how much we love it!

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