Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Stumbled Across a Little Doll...

...whilst walking through the Eltham Market last Sunday. Tied to a pole at the end of the market was a darling little doll in a plastic zip lock bag with a little bow and a card that read, "Take me, I'm Free". I'm always quite dubious and cautious when I read the word "free", but being the curious little oyster I am, I couldn't help but untie the green twine bow and take a peek at her! There was a card inside and I thought "here we go...the catch!" but no, just a request that I announce via email that the doll has been safely rescued!

So, here I was, doll in tow... other market goers looking at me questioningly as they to must have spotted it and had been understandably cautious to be sprung by a trap!

Thank you so much to The Toy Society! What a breath of fresh air to have a collection of people from all over the world, gathered together with one precious goal, to give. That's it... just give, anonymously without any hope of a thank you.

You really made my day and I appreciate your generosity... To Gladness, who made this beautiful doll, please know that she is being loved by my mother!

Thank you.


  1. I haven't heard of that before. It would have been a bit funny taking it but was obviously what you were meant to do. It's so cute! Good on you.

  2. I must admit I was a little nervous that someone would think that I'm stealing it and try to stop me! But curiosity took over : )

    Isn't it such a beautiful gesture to just give like that!? That's why I felt compelled to give it to my mother. I wanted to pass it on...

  3. You're Welcome! And thanks for letting us know you found the doll. I've re-posted your comment on the blog too.

  4. So glad you were brave enough to pick her up and because you did and let Toy Society know now I have found your blog and read about your store and since I live near St Kilda will be down to visit you soon, cause your things look lovely. Oh wow, don't you just love happy happenings.

  5. Thank you and yes I love the events of the past week or so since I found her... What a lovely gesture don't you think?!?

    I would love to meet you and show you what I do... I am in on a Thursday all day : )

    Thanks again!


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