Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Things... Tiny Packages!

A few weeks back I heard the usual sounds of morning duties... the bin man, the sound of rushing traffic in the distance and my little dog Asa, barking impatiently at the Post Man. The Post Man has his usual morning chat to her as he picks out a little bone shaped biscuit... Trying to win her affection - He'll never win! She is as loyal as they get. 

But this particular morning he placed a little parcel on the letter box! It was here... My earrings I fell in love with instantly on Etsy!

I am so in love with blues and turquoise at the moment... It reminds me of the gorgeous deep blues you can see in the southern oceans of Australia and the turquoise of sunny Hawaiian beaches. Perhaps I am in denial that winter is rolling in! 

Here are just a few that I have my eye on at the moment ; ) ...

The store is called Ositarose on Etsy... just beautiful!

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