Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get out of the kitchen woman...

(Ok... that got everybody's attention!)

and grab yourself a gorgeous apron : )

Okay... so I love to cook! But I also happen to be the messiest person I know... In every aspect of my life, I make a mess. In restaurants in Paris, I am embarrassed to say, they even used a sort of hand held vacuum to pick up all my crumbs I left strewn about the table - more than once!

So cooking and making my organic skin products is the worst thing I can do in terms of mess making - I dislike the aprons covered in plastic mammary glands and slogans... so I often end up covered ingredients!

One day when walking through the looking glass, I stumbled into Wonderland Avenue... I can say I was delighted to see the beautiful fabric and flattering designs!

So here you go girls... Wonderland Avenue aprons now available at Curious Oyster! In kiddy sizes too!

Handmade by a lovely lass in Byron Bay!

Wonderland Avenue
xx Annaliese


  1. They are gorgeous, love the top one! xx

  2. I don't use aprons, but when I think about it I really need one :)) I make such mess as well..
    Love the one at the bottom!

  3. I am THE messiest cook in the world (if you need any proof my next post will show it in spades!)

    Lovely aprons, especially the top one!

  4. These are the absolute cutest aprons I have ever seen:0)


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