Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So we're  a few days away from the shortest day of the year and it is freezing here in Melbourne...

I find Melbourne odd in many ways... we think that because this is Australia, we don't need heat saving features like glazed windows and good insulation. I went through one of Europe's coldest winters(as well as their hottest summer!) in recent history. I was in the Dolomites and in Austria, but I have to say, I am colder here!

Rugged up as though I am about to hike in the snow, I am on my computer, fully recovered from my brief flu (and no, not swine!)... The common symptoms of a stuffy head and chest were thwarted by my little pot of gold... Pilgrim's Ointment

I know this is my product and this may seem like a bit of self gratification (for lack of a better term!), but I feel I must share... 

Pilgrim's Ointment has been much loved by family and friends for ailments ranging from leg and foot pain, migraines to back aches to muscle pain from too much exercise (the last one is not me!)... Hence why I never have any to put in my shoppe. But if you do manage to get your hands on a pot, be sure to reach for it as an organic and totally natural alternative to VICKS Vapour Rub.

Keep toasty warm...


  1. and it looks great in that gorgeous tin too! Thanks again for the yummy lip balm ... delish!xx

  2. Just came across yr blog via Moonspinner's lovely site and had to stop by after reading a few previous posts! Love its title and images.

    Hope to be back again soon to take a closer look at earlier posts!

    Take care,


    PS I'm a Leo too!

  3. Thank you Nora! Stop by anytime...

    Ooh a Leo too! Us lions just don't seem to suit the colder climates ; )


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