Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nilla Nilla Giveaway!

Hey kiddies... Don't forget my lip balm giveaway! Simply follow to enter into the draw to win a Nilla Nilla Summer Pout Balm of your choice... There's 4 to be won!


Be in the draw to WIN the Nilla Nilla Summer Collection - YUM!!! Sign up for updates on the right to enter.

Drawn End of May, 09' - GOOD LUCK!


  1. Hi there, Just love the pictures on the lip balm. Too cool! xx

  2. Why thank you Moonspinner!

    Comments like yours warms me on these cold winter days...

    Thank you xx

  3. I love your stuff. Hope I win!! Yes, sorry I missed you at D&E. Would have been great. Will have to do a thurs another time. Such a good idea to share space there. Will have to send some more red and white spotted rings next time...


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