Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone...

No more sulking! I've decided to embrace the Winter months this year... 

As a child, winter time was full of the happiest, most cosy moments. Being a crafty kid, winter meant painting, drawing and colouring and cross-stitch, all the while being tucked up warm beside the heater whilst my mother would rummage around in the kitchen making hot chocolates and my favourite tomato soup!

As I got older, summer time on the beach with my pup and boyfriend seemed much more exciting! So my distaste grew - a freezing winter in Europe, during their coldest winter in decades, didn't really really help with my opinion! 

But my Nilla Nilla girls taught me to embrace my old friend, the cold, once again. What other time of the year could be better to enjoy coffee rich espresso lip balm? Or the delightful blend of deep chocolate and orange... Or an After 8 Mint Slice? Perhaps the most reminiscent scent of all for winter, cinnamon and honey, simply could not be enjoyed on a 35 degree summer's day...

So embrace winter... slip on some Pout Balm and face the cold - the blend of cocoa butter, jojoba and beeswax will protect you!

Available in boutiques and online now!


  1. for a minute I wished it was winter again:)) lovely collection!

  2. Oh was sooo happy I won a nilla nilla. They are sooo sexy. I'd love Minty if poss if not what ever you throw in my direction would be great.xxxooo


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