Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gifts for Friends, for Home & For You!

Buying gifts for family and friends at the Curious Oyster Shoppe means you are not only supporting my own '1 (wo)man band' small business, but you are also supporting the individual artisans who create all the products in my shoppe!

All the products are either or all, handmade, locally, socially responsibly, ecologicall
y and/or sustainably produced... Phew! What a mouthful!

We are all part of 1 planet... So in addition, I am donating to our friends - our neighbours, who do not have the same opportunities we have. MicroLoan provides loans to women in sub - Saharan Africa to start their own independent small businesses!

I am also planting trees to support our home, Planet Earth...

and finally, I am giving a gift to you, for making it all possible!

xx Annaliese

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  1. Wonderful project, Annaliese.Congrats!

    Have a lovely weekend,



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