Thursday, December 3, 2009

Geek is the New Black...

So we've all been a little inundated with Geekdom lately, but why not? These underrated clever kids in society deserve their spotlight... why, without them, we would just be a very superficial silly race, wouldn't we? ... and well, I wouldn't be able to send this blog post out to you all on the world wide web without them!

Now that I have patronized (and antagonised), I would like to announce that the Curious Oyster Shoppe now stocks the wonderful work of PHD Neuroscience student, Nicky of Morphologica!

Stunning pendant formed from elegant intertwined DNA-like strands

Nicky was inspired by the true beauty that could be found when viewing single-cells under the microscope. She decided to put pencil to paper and put her impression of the beautiful morphology (or shape)of the single cells she has studied in various neuroscience subjects.

The result... stunning, beautiful and intricate pieces that are thought provoking and truly unique.
A cluster of proliferating cells- a representation of the growth of new brain cells in culture.
An artistic representation of an intricate hippocampal pyramidal cell enclosed within a white pyramid

So come on over to the Curious Oyster Shoppe and get one for your inner geek! 160 Barkly St, St Kilda, 3182, VIC

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