Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So Pirdy!

Spring is all about life... baby animals and birds, flowers and sunshine!

Baby Owl and Baby Bird - $30ea

Owl Family - $55

Pirdy Ceramics are handmade in Melbourne by the ever gorgeous Juliet Carr and are available at the Curious Oyster Shoppe and online... Yay!

If you would like to custom order a colour for one of these beautiful creature creations, please email me at

Wall Owl - $30ea or $55 for a Pair!


  1. I love the family of owls...so cute!

  2. Oh!! These are adorable!! Good luck with the sales!!

  3. I love the bridies!!

    I first thought they were pewter or somthing!
    They are lovely, who doesnt love little woodlands animalz?!


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