Sunday, September 13, 2009

Indie Collective

I am forever trying to source bits and bobs for my little businesses... Cocoa Butter for my lip balm and bottles for my shampoo and conditioner, recycled bags for packaging and so many other things.

Buying as a collective has many advantages... It is not only a more environmentally friendly option because it reduces shipping, but it also assists your business purse! By buying as a collective, you are able to enjoy economies of scale from bulk buying discounts and shared shipping costs. In addition, you get to make some great contacts in the process...

But how to find people who are also looking for the same things and to find out if they're willing to share their secret finds, has been the hardest part for me and for other indie crafters, artists and makers.

So I have started my own Indie Collective!

This is the 'go to' place for searching for people who are looking at sourcing materials and ingredients... as well as a place where you can list what you're looking for!

So, come and take a look - it's brand new, so don't be shy!

Click here for the Indie Collective Forum


  1. this is such an awesome idea! great job starting it :D

  2. Cool idea!! Best Wishes with this!! Your containers in your etsy shop items are so cute.

  3. Lovely idea, buying bulk rocks!

    Love the picture u used, so random and interesting!


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