Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Rain in Spain...

Really... with only 5 days left until I open my little boutique in St Kilda, you would think all I would have on my mind is making the goodies to sell! Right? 

Well, whenever I embark on anything, I unfortunately contemplate my options... what else could I be doing right now???

So I decided to look amongst my photo library from my World Tour 06' to get some ideas, and so, I looked up today's date (26th March) to see what I was up to in 2006 and curiouser and curiouser... It happened to be the day I stumbled upon perhaps the ugliest park in Spain!!!
This is the day I laughed so hard, that I literally rolled on the ground... This botanic garden in Cordoba was nothing more than a construction site. With steel framed 8 foot tall fences running around a concrete park filled with broken park benches with hazard tape tied around it, trees sawn off at the trunks, rubbish mounds strewn about and waterless fountains!

The funny part? I was dying for some parklands after months of concrete, dry, city life, so I walked for hours to the promising green patch on my map, only to find this!

So... In retrospect, getting ready to open the Curious Oyster is probably what i'd rather be doing... although, a day in Spain isn't such a bad idea either!

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